with a practical gaze
and local smell.

We are a consulting firm that supports economical, political and financial projects in Argentina and around the world.

We count with more than twelve years in technical vocation and a detailed knowledge of local stakeholders. Our team provides the necessary elasticity, experience and deepness to thrive in a changing and highly competitive scenario.


We have a long career in economic consulting for the public and private sector. We know exactly what is behind numbers and we deeply understand, with technical excellence and political intuition, what is best for our clients.

· Strategic advice
· Forecast of macro and microeconomic variables
· Presentations
· Sectoral studies


We bring background, technical ability and an insightful reading of markets to generate customized financial solutions for our clients. Based on our model of macro-financial consistency, we provide an accurate diagnosis of local and international financial conditions. We identify opportunities and develop business plans. We design effective investment strategies and simplify portfolio management through customized models.

· Asset management
· Optimization of liquidity excess
· Business plan design
· Restructuration of financial debt
· Assessment of investment projects
· Opening of capital and strategic partners search

Public policies and infrastructure

Our background in the public and private management in addition to the knowledge of the main social stakeholders allows us to join the public policy makers with viable solutions. We position ourselves from a strong understanding of the context of the country, surveys and data interpretation from statistical models and the interrelation with spheres where decisions are made.

· Research, diagnoses and proposal of public policies.
· Opinion surveys.
· Crisis management and conflict resolution